Skid pan

Whilst our main thrust in the Chelmsford Group is helping people prepare for the Advanced Driving Test, we do organise some motoring-related events throughout the year. A long-standing popular one is the visits we arrange for our Members to the Essex Skid Pan at Kelvedon. Whilst this is a commercial operation, run by ex-police trainers, one of which is an IAM examiner, and people can go along to them on an individual basis, there are advantages of going along as a group. Firstly and most importantly is the cost. As a group we get a special deal on price and, in addition we subsidise the day in order to make attendance available to as many people as possible. Secondly, whilst there is no doubting the value being behind the wheel yourself, there is excellent entertainment value in watching everybody else make a mess of things!

 Primarily of course this is intended as a learning experience. It's a way to learn what causes skids and what to do to regain control once one has happened. This can often be a rather scary prospect for some people but the advantage of doing this on a skid pan is that it is a safe and controlled environment - and it's not in your car! Over the years we have held many of these days and only on the odd occasion does somebody manage to graze one of the straw bales surrounding the pan, so it's very safe. Whilst education is the primary purpose there is a very beneficial spin-off from doing this - it's great fun!! We guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

Please note that this event is organised by the Group for Associates and Members of the Chelmsford Group only.